Jim Lampros is a native Northeast Ohioan and a passionate angler. He discovered the joy of angling while he was still in diapers on the docks of the family cottage on Lake James, Indiana. At the age of 13 during a class field trip to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, he witnessed a steelhead attempting to clear a low head dam, beginning an obsession that in many ways has defined his life ever since.

Jim spent two summers in Victor, ID working for WorldCast Anglers and is a graduate of the Western Rivers Guide School. After graduating from Miami University’s Farmer School of Business with a degree in marketing and a final stint in Victor, Jim returned to Cleveland as the Fishing Manager for the Orvis Company’s new retail store in the fall of 2009. At Orvis he helped establish numerous schools, clinics and travel programs geared towards inspiring new anglers to take up the sport.

Jim now serves as the Director of Sales for On Point and 717 Ink and as a fly fishing guide and instructor. His writing has been published in The Drake Magazine, The Fly Fish Journal, The Teton Valley Citizen and others. He lives in Lyndhurst, Ohio with his wife Becky, sons Henry and Jack, and a chocolate lab, Victor. He’ll happily throw a fly at anything that swims, is a terrible shot from the duck blind and a long suffering Cleveland sports fan.


David Wilson assumes many roles; designer, illustrator, videographer and writer. Projects range from client driven assignments to personal works. After earning a BFA in Visual Communication Design from Kent State University, David went on to work for clients such as The Atlantic, New York Magazine, WWE, The Boston Globe, The Uptime Institute, Men’s Journal, GFDA, Harvard University, INC. Magazine, Kent State University, and many more.

Instagram: @downpourdw / Twitter: @downpourstudio / Online: www.workdavidwork.com / Email: David@workdavidwork.com



Matt Stansberry lives with his wife and three young sons south of the Mason Dixon Line. During a six year stint in Oregon Matt founded the Oregon Fly Fishing Blog, one of the most-read fly fishing sites on the Web. He’s been a contributor to several fishing magazines, including On The Water, The Fly Fish Journal, and Rise Forms. He has led a Trout Unlimited Chapter, launched a fly fishing tournament that’s raised $25,000 for habitat conservation, and has been a Native Fish Society River Steward. He is a monthly nature columnist for Belt Magazine, covering the biodiversity of the Lake Erie eco-region.


Kendrick grew up thinking fly fishing was inefficient and entirely unnecessary. Hours using shovels to pry up rocks for worms and watching the voracious bites of bluegill below a bobber was the pinnacle of angling prowess. Bass were beasts, pike were a myth and Canada was the only place to find any decent fishing beyond the pond in the backyard. Somewhere between sports, school and real life he found fly fishing in the mountains of Virginia where he learned to, allegedly, cast, mend and tell the difference between a mayfly and a stonefly. He sought out graduate school studies in New Zealand, where he did as much unnecessary, inefficient fishing as possible. After trading fly fishing secrets for hunting tips with a local hunter/gatherer, he occasionally puts down his fly rod to use a bow for ungulates and way too many loads of shot for things with wings.

Kendrick works as a Project Manager for Western Reserve Land Conservancy where he helps create public parks, conserve family lands and create healthy, thriving communities. Kendrick’s writing has appeared in various outdoor magazines including American Angler and Gray’s Sporting Journal. He lives in Northeast Ohio with his wife, Kristen, and a german shorthaired maniac, Dagny.

Instagram: @DkendrickC / Email: DkendrickC@outlook.com